The Data area contains all data collected from app users filling out Form entries in the field.  
From this screen you can export the data to CSV format for use in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.  You can also export Form entries to PDF and print entries out. 

Our system stores all your Data securely and uses geo-replicated backups to ensure that data is kept safe.  
Coupled with the unlimited storage allowances you receive, the Data area is always available and safely backed up.

The Data Table Page

When you click on the Data tab, you will enter the Data table page. 

First specify a Form screen, then a specific version of that Form.  The page will refresh to display the Form entries for the chosen parameters.

Data is returned in a tabular form, with each available question shown as a column.  
You can sort these data results and also filter using the Search box. 

Depending on the question type of the underlying Form, you will see different values in the columns:
  • Location answers will show a “View Map” hyperlink that pops up a map display of the location and its GPS co-ordinates.

  • Repeating Group questions will have a “View Group” link that pops up a window containing the repeated answers.

  • Media answers will show a “View Image/Video” or “Hear Audio” link that will open the captured media in a new pop up window.

  • Multiple choice answers will be separated by the pipe “|” character.

If you want to view the Data results plotted on a map, use the “view map” option available in the options bar.  

To download the results, select the rows you wish to download using the checkboxes found to the left of each row, then click the "Download Data" button in the options bar.  
This will bring up a list of download format options from which you can choose.

For a printable or PDF version of an individual Form entry, roll over the results rows and click either the “print view”  or "export pdf" options shown.