There are two ways to view captured data on a map - via the Dashboard page or view the Data Map page.

Dashboard Page

You can access this page from your Home page via the "view dashboard" link.

This provides a high level dashboard of form entry activities across all users and forms in your organisation.

Form entries are plotted as points on a map using the built-in Completed At data value that is automatically saved with all Form entries.

Note that in cases where a Completed At location could not be captured (e.g. because the user is indoors), those entries are not shown on the map.

You can see all entries, regardless of location, in the Data Table page.

Data Map Page


Access this page via the Data tab, using the "view on map" link.

The Data Map page allows you to view entry data for a selected Form and version, plotted visually on a map.  
This feature requires the Form in question to have the “Log User Location” option enabled, since the app user’s GPS location at the time of filling out the Form is what is plotted on the map.


Note that if the app user’s device does not have GPS or fails to acquire a GPS location, then the Form entry will not be plotted on the map.


Each Form entry is shown on the map with a marker.  
Clicking on the marker will load that Form entry’s data on the right hand side in a horizontal listing.