Our platform provides a number of ways for you to manually download your captured data.

If you are looking for options to automatically receive Form data (e.g. via email etc), you should check out our Form Connectors documentation.

To manually download Form entry data:

1. Go to the Data area of the secure website.  

This is accessed from the DATA top level menu.

2. Choose the Form and the version number of the Form that you wish to download data for.

3. This will refresh the page, showing all entries for the selected Form & version.

By default, entries are shown for the current month only.

Use the filters on the left hand side to customise the date range as desired.

You can also use the search box to find specific entries.

4. Once you have your chosen data set showing, use the checkboxes found in each data row to select the specific rows you want to download.

You can also use the checkbox in the column header to select all rows.

5.  Click the "Download Data" button.

This will pop up a list of download options for you to choose from:

  • CSV
    Lets you download your Data as a comma separated file for easy import to other applications

  • CSV + Media
    Downloads a zip file containing a CSV of your Data along with all related media files (photos, video, audio captured in the form entry)

  • Bulk PDF
    Downloads a zip file containing a generic PDF file for each of your selected Data entries

6. Choose your desired option by clicking the relevant Download button.
Depending on the number of entries and any media files involved, your download may take a minute or two to begin.
The time for your download to complete will also depend on your internet connection speed and size of the data being downloaded.