Our platform enables you to quickly and easily connect your data sources to data from a Google Spreadsheet.

This enables a one-way synchronisation to occur - where any changes in the Google Spreadsheet are downloaded into your data source on a regular basis.

Your data source will be automatically updated in this way until you remove the connector or a error occurs (such as losing authorisation to access the Spreadsheet).

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NOTE: Google Spreadsheets currently have a limit of 2,000,000 cells per spreadsheet and our platform currently supports a maximum of 50,000 rows.

If your data source is beyond this limit, you will need to consider an alternative connector approach.

For more information refer to Google's help center here:


To set up a Google Spreadsheet connector for your data source, follow the steps below.

Go to Connected Data -> Data Sources

  • In the list of available data sources, hover your mouse over the listing of the data source you wish to connect.
    A set of options will show, click on the settings link.
  • In the Settings page, mid way down you should see a Connector heading.
  • Underneath it says something like "Use a Connector to automatically load rows directly from other systems".
    To the right of the heading is an add connector link.
    Click this link and you will see a new window with the selection of connectors to choose from.
    Click on the Google Spreadsheet option.
  • The page should refresh with your newly added connector.
    You need to specify the name of your spreadsheet as it appears on your Google account.
    Please also pay special attention to the notes on the Google Spreadsheet connector as you must set the security settings on your Google Spreadsheet as outlined in order for it to be connected successfully.
  • When you save your changes, the connector will be fired for the first time and after that will run at the interval you specified in the connector settings.
    Wait a minute or so and then check the Rows page for your data source.
    You should see the rows have been downloaded from the Google Spreadsheet :)

If rows are not downloaded, then there may be an error with the Spreadsheet's data or in accessing the spreadsheet.
You can check this by clicking on the Error Logs button shown next to your connector on the Settings page.