The Docs feature allows you to upload and manage any kind of file that you want to make available to app users in the field.

Now you can replace paper documents carried around by your workers, with digital versions that are always available to them. 

Should you need to make changes to your files. Our publishing process takes care of distributing any changes out to app users in the field. In this way, your workers always have the latest Docs at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

We first designed Docs to handle documentation files like Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals. We soon discovered that being able to upload other files types like video and audio was just as useful. The name Docs has stuck, but the functionality was expanded to allow pretty much any kind of file to be managed. 

When opening a Doc on the app, the mobile operating system will launch the file with whatever default reader is available for the file type. If none exists, the app will give an error message to the user. 

So, really, the only requirement is that the files you upload should be supported on your mobile workers’ devices. 

Formats like PDF, Word and common formats for videos and images should work on devices without any other apps required.  

We store all your Doc files securely and uses geo-replicated backups to ensure that your files are kept safe.  Coupled with the generous storage allowances you receive, Docs provides you with a simple way to keep your Doc files always available and safely backed up.