Tasks allow you to assign Forms, Docs and free text Instructions out to specific app users in the field.

You specify a date and time to complete the Task by. Additionally you can optionally specify a location. You can even require that the user to complete the Task at the location. 

This allows you to upgrade processes that used to rely on paper, phone calls and email. Instead, use an app to seamlessly inform and track activities going on in the field.

A Task is composed of one or more Activities which define the individual steps involved in the Task.

This way you can create complex Tasks that have a number of steps or required actions.

Each Task Activity must be one of 3 types:

  • Fill out Form - like the name says, the assigned user must fill out a specified Form 
  • View Doc - the assigned user must view the specified Doc 
  • Instruction - a free text instruction that must be checked off by the assigned user. 

Every Task must be assigned to an app user.

You can delete Tasks at any time which will remove the Task from the app user’s Task list on their device.

Furthermore, you can create Task Templates out of commonly created tasks. This allows for rapid dispatch of Tasks to users in the field.