How can i control the color of the location pins in a Mapping screen? 

If you wish to apply conditional colouring to map pins, you must set up Conditional Display Rules on your Data Source.

1. Go to the Data Source -> Rows page.

2. There is a little "cog" icon in each column header on the Rows page - click this icon on the desired column to show the Column Settings dialog.

3. You can then add Conditional Display Rules to control styling of row data.

Mouse over the dashed underline labels to see detailed hints and information on how to create a rule formula.

What co-ordinate format must I use for row values in the Pin data source column?

The column must contain the location co-ordinates in space-separated decimal degrees (latitude longitude).

e.g. New York City is: 40.7142700 -74.0059700

If i have two entries with the exact same geo coordinates, how can i access the popup details of each pin?

In the app, a pin will show with a number on it if there are multiple rows at the exact same location.

Simply tap the pin to "cycle" through each row at that co-ordinate.  Tapping will also display the popup details for that specific row.

What is the Cluster Icon for?

If your Data Source contains a lot of rows within a specific area of the map, then the app will automatically cluster pins at various zoom levels for performance purposes.  This enables a smooth map experience for the user.

As the user zooms down into a specific area, the clusters will progressively break up into individual pins.

The Cluster Icon Style option in the Mapping designer allows you to specify the colour of these cluster icons.