Task connectors effectively allow you to be able to add connectors to generate emails, text messages or REST calls based on events occurring on a Task. 

e.g. if the assigned user is changed, the status updates or if the Task becomes overdue.

You define these connectors on Task Templates, thus allowing different types of jobs to have different connector configurations.

Creating Task Connectors

Go to the Tasks main menu item, then jump to the "templates" page via the  navigation bar.

You should see a list of your existing Task Templates displayed.  

If you don't have any Templates, then add a new template by clicking on the ADD NEW button.
This starts the task template wizard. You can read more on the steps to create a Task Template here

When creating a new Template, you will encounter a step in the wizard named Connectors.
If you edit an existing Template, you should see an additional navigation link named "connectors" off the Template details page.

Once on the Connectors page, click the ADD CONNECTOR button.

You can then select from Email, Rest or Twilio connector options.

We'll use an Email Connector for the purpose of this article.

This looks much like our Form Email Connector with a couple of differences.
Like our Form Email connector, you can add run conditions and customise the email as desired.

If you want to access Task specific information in your connector, simply use one of our built-in Task metadata placeholders.

You can access these placeholders via the Formula Builder (which can be opened where ever you see a "hammer" icon).

Selecting the Trigger

Select what will trigger your connector to run, options being:

  • Task is overdue
  • Task Owner Changed
  • Task Status Updated

Task is Overdue

Selecting Task is Overdue from the dropdown then will give you the option of selecting how many days overdue the task is before the connector is triggered.
So for example, if the task is 2 days overdue, you can trigger connectors to notify whoever needs to take action.

Task Owner Changed

Selecting Task Owner Changed from the dropdown will allow you to trigger the connector when the owner changes.
This allows you to trigger connectors to notify whoever needs to be aware as well as the user assigned to the task. 


Task Status Changed

Selecting Task Status Changed from the dropdown will allow you to trigger the connector based on change of status.
As an example, an email can be sent to notify someone once a task's status has been changed to Completed to let them know that the job is now done.