We provide icon customisation areas that allow you to choose from 5 built-in icon sets as well as the ability to replace icons with your own custom images.

This is available through the "Customize Icons" link found at the top left of the App Setup page in the web portal.

We’ve also added support for displaying small circular “badges” next to icons on the app start screen as well as on Icon Board screen types.  

These badges would generally be used to display a number as one would typically see in IOS apps.

The Icon Board screen can be customised:

  • Icons can be coloured
  • Icons can be hidden via a Visibility formula
  • Icons can display badges (which have their own Visibility and other customisation options)
  • “Automatically Generate Icons” option allows you to specify that the app should generate the icons based on what the user has access to. This makes it easy to provide your own custom start screen with dynamic icons.