Yes, you can provide/resell our Server product onto your clients :)

From a billing perspective, our fees for the Server version are added to your consolidated Vendor bill from us - so you are able to mark up the product as desired onto your client.

The Server software is provided as a download with full installation and upgrade guides.

You or your client can setup and install the software, or you can pay us to do it for you via remote login.

You can also apply your own branding to the Server software as desired.

nomorePAPER Server also requires that the client take up a branded app with us because the branded app needs to be hardcoded to connect to their Server endpoint instead of our default cloud service.

Server version upgrades are available at the same time as each milestone release of our Cloud platform.

Upgrades are provided by request - simply email the upgrade request to our support team, and we will provide the upgrade download links, along with app upgrades.