“What database types does Sync support?”

nomorePAPER Sync is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server with plans to support others in the future.

“Can Sync be white labelled with my own branding?”

Yes! nomorePAPER Sync was designed to be white labelled from the start.
It’s as easy as overriding the default nomorePAPER CSS styling, we even went as far as naming the various installation files in a generic way to avoid nomorePAPER mentions.

Talk to our team about whether or not you are licensed to white label Sync.

“What’s the advantage to installing Sync on my server versus putting it on my customer’s server?”

Generally speaking, we would expect your customers will want to run their own reporting and other software tools against the data.

So Sync should be installed locally on whichever network is the closest to the end reporting tools.

“As a Vendor, can I use this product for all my accounts or do I need to purchase this product for every one of my clients that want it?”

Each installation of Sync is coded to work against a single nomorePAPER company account, and our pricing works this way too.

So you would need to pay for each company account that is linked to Sync.

"I'm getting an 500.19 error, with error code of 0x80070021 when trying to access Sync - help?"

This error is because the handlers section of the Sync configuration is being blocked due to this section being specified as locked by the server-level IIS configuration.
To resolve this issue you must manually update this section's setting to allow overrides by the web.config of Sync:

  1. Find the file %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config
  2. Open this file in Notepad
  3. Find the XML element below:
    <section name="handlers" overrideModeDefault="Deny" />
  4. Change the "Deny" to "Allow"
    <section name="handlers" overrideModeDefault="Allow" />
  5. Save the change and close the file.
  6. Restart IIS and try to open the Sync web page again.

If you get the same error again, follow the process above, updating the applicationHost.config for the section highlighted by the Config Source of the error message received.

"I'm getting a 500.19 error, with a specific error code when trying to access Sync - help?"

The article linked below may prove useful to tracking down other 500.19 IIS errors.
Just search in the linked webpage for the specific Error Code you receive:


"Where to find the following Sync.* keys mentioned in the Sync Installation Guide?"

  • Sync.ProviderId
    This is your unique Company ID found on the Organisation Setup page under Integration Settings.
  • Sync.IntegrationKey
    This can be any one of the 4 API (Full Access/Anonymise) Keys found on the Organisation Setup page under Integration Settings.
  • Sync.Url
    This is your platform's root URL/specific platform node - e.g. https://secure.platform.com.
  • Sync.BillingUrl
    Is normally the same as Sync.Url - i.e. both should be set to your specific platform node.
    We provide the option to have different billing and platform URLs for cases where nomorePAPER Server is running - i.e. they have a different Platform URL (Server install) to the Billing URL (always platform node).
  • Sync.SelfUrl
    This is the internet accessible URL by which the sync site can be reached – e.g. https://sync.yourdomain.com This would be the host name you have configured in IIS for the sync site.