To configure and prepare apps for distribution via Apple Business, you must set up an Apple Business Manager (ABM) account. 

Enrol for Apple Business Manager

The first step is to submit an enrollment request for approval by Apple:

  1. Obtain a valid D-U-N-S number for your company.

    You can look up your existing D-U-N-S number (if any) or register to obtain a new one at the Apple D-U-N-S registration page.

  2. Fill out the Apple Business Enrolment form
    Make sure to provide a valid verification contact for your company. This contact should be able to confirm the initial administrator for the account and accept the Apple Business Manager terms and conditions on behalf of your company.

  3. Submit the enrolment form

Apple will then review your enrollment request. The verification contact may receive phone calls or emails for further information.

When the request is approved, the verification contact needs to confirm the initial administrator (should be someone from your IT team in your organisation)

Once the Apple Business Manager account enrollment request has been approved, you can configure the account.

Add Another ABM Administrator

We recommend that you add an additional administrator to your ABM account, as this ensures that your organization can recover ABM access if the initial administrator loses their password/access details.

  1. The initial administrator should log into your ABM account

  2. Navigate to Accounts

  3. Add an additional account for the new administrator.

  4. Provide the required details for the administrator and save it.

  5. Send the invite to the additional administrator.

Enable Distribution of Custom Apps

  1. In Apple Business Manager, navigate to Settings > Enrolment Information.

  2. Add the tax information for your organization.
    This is needed in order to create and download app redemption code download links. Redemption codes are seen as a "purchase" (even though it's a zero amount charge) in the Apple Business Manager, hence the need for tax info.

  3. Navigate to Custom Apps.

  4. Enable distribution for Custom Apps.

Send Us Your ABM Organization ID

We require your Organization ID in order to link your custom app (which is hosted in our Apple Developer account) to your ABM account.  
To find your ID:

  1. In Apple Business Manager, navigate to Settings > Enrolment Information

  2. Under Organization Info, copy the Organization ID

  3. Send the Organization ID to our support team.
    NOTE: In future, we will require Organization ID via our Branding Center as part of your custom app setup.
    Until then, please send to our support team.

With your Organization ID, we will be able to link your app to your Apple Business Manager account.

We'll then review your custom app via our Branding Center and, if approved, we'll submit onto Apple for their review.

After Apple approves the app, you should then see it appear under Custom Apps in your ABM.
You can take the next step to distribute the app to your users.  See our article titled "Apple Business Manager: Distributing your app" for details of this.