Our Cloud service runs on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform, across 3 independent platform nodes - USA, Europe and Australia.  
Your account and all data will normally be located on the closest of these nodes by geographic longitude.
  • Our Americas node is hosted in Azure's USA East (Virginia, USA) data center, with geo-replication to Azure US West (California, USA) for redundancy.

  • For customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa, we host in Azure West Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands), geo-replicated to Azure North Europe (Dublin, Ireland).

  • Our Australasian node is hosted in Azure Australia East (Sydney, Australia), geo-replicated to Azure Australia South East (Melbourne, Australia).

Microsoft's Azure platform has served our customers worldwide very well to date, and there is plenty of capacity available as we expand.We also inherit all Azure security and certifications at our Azure locations.

We understand that some companies and clients have strict rules about where software and data can be hosted.
If the above Azure regions are not sufficient to meet your data sovereignty or corporate requirements, please contact our Sales team to inquire about our Enterprise Server option.

This is a standalone version of our platform that can be hosted on any Windows Server and SQL Server combination, with no dependencies on our cloud service.
Multi-tenancy options are available for vendor customers who want to host multiple clients on one Server install.