By default, the app will resize all photos captured or added into a Form entry to be a maximum of 800 pixels (height or width).

This provides a reasonable picture quality and is also economical on data bandwidth usage for uploads.

If the app did not do this, then photos would be much bigger in size and you would risk exhausting the user's data allocation on their mobile plan.

Most reasonable devices have a camera resolution of at least 8 megapixels, which results in photos being anywhere from 3 to 6 megabytes in size (depends on the amount of detail in the image).

By comparison, a photo resized to 800 pixels will be between 400 and 700 kilobytes - roughly 8x less in terms of file size.

Images in Form Entries

You can override this default 800 pixel setting on a per Form level:

  1. Go to the Form designer page in the secure website for your chosen Form screen
  2. Click on the title bar of the Form preview to bring up the Form level properties on the right hand side.
  3. Configure the "Resize Images To" option to be your desired pixel size for images captured in that Form.
  4. Save your changes and test/publish as desired

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you do not specify a pixel size greater than 2000 pixels, especially for if your users are on Android devices.
This is because Android, in particular, has been known to have memory issues with large images, resulting in app crashes.

Images in PDF Outputs

For reporting / PDF outputs, we also provide a "High-Resolution Images" option found on the settings of most Form Connectors.

NOTE: This option is only available when you are using a Data Template with your Connector.
Data Templates enable you to use your own custom Word or Excel file to format your PDF outputs.  
See our "Outputting Data with Templates" documentation section for full details on how to make your own beautiful PDF outputs!

By default, images are output in PDFs at a resolution of 96ppi (pixels per inch), which makes the generated size of output files smaller and thus faster to transfer.

Selecting the "High-Resolution" option increases image resolution to 150ppi, boosting picture quality, but at the cost of much larger output file size.

Your connector job will also consume more server resources, which in turn may cause your jobs to hit our 120 second time limit for connectors.

So be sure to test out the impact of the High-Resolution option on your specific scenarios.