SSL Certificates can cause issues with the data connection between your Android mobile app and any Hosted GET or other web services that you connect to your applications.

Android in particular is very strict about an SSL certificate's trust chains, even more strict than Apple and Windows devices in fact.
SSL certificate chains involve the primary SSL certificate for your web service endpoint domain, along with any intermediate certificates issued by your Certificate Authority.

If you attempt to connect to a web address that features an incomplete SSL chain, it is highly likely that your Android app will fail to connect.

This in turn will result in your app having empty Data Source rows and likely failing to load Screens altogether due to the missing data that the app cannot retrieve.

To test if you are encountering a SSL certificate chain issue, attempt to browse to your target domain URL from your Android device using the device's default web browser.

You will most likely get a connection error with text such as "the certificate authority is invalid" or you will get warning messages indicating that the connection is unsafe.

You can further verify your SSL configuration issue by using a testing service like SSL Labs:

If your SSL installation has issues, you will see warnings such as "chain incomplete" on the SSL Labs test results.

To resolve this problem, please contact your SSL certificate provider and ask them to assist you with resolving the chain issues on your SSL certificate.

In particular you need to ensure that all missing intermediate certificates (which make up the full authority chain for your specific SSL certificate) are included and installed on your servers.

If this issue is occurring with a custom web domain that you are pointed at our platform - e.g. as part of our Website as a Service (white label website) offering - then you will also need to provide us with the missing intermediate certificates along with your custom domain's SSL certificate.

Our team can then install these missing certificates as required to resolve SSL chain problems.