We don't currently provide integrations for PayPal, Stripe or other payment services, and we have no plans to add this in the future.

One way you could do this manually would be via a User Action button in a Form screen.

You should set up that button with the "Open URL in app" option that in turn launches a PayPal page.

The user could then enter the payment information within the launched web page, then return back to the Form once completed.

This web URL would be dynamically built up in a hidden field so that it includes the total amount to pay, with this Hidden field passed into the Action field as a parameter.

Below is an example of what this PayPal link should look like:


Note the following:

  • You would need to replace all capitalised bits indicated
  • lc=AU means location is Australia, so you'd need to use the relevant country code for your location
  • Some characters must be replaced with HTML codes: %40="@", %2e="." and %20=" " (space)
    e.g. the email address "pay@example.com" appears as "pay%40example%2ecom"

Refer to PayPal's documentation for more on how to create a "Pay Now" link.

Similar options are likely available for other services such as Stripe - simply web search for the relevant documentation!