This is an advanced field type that allows a unique auto-number sequence to be generated using your own custom format.

Ideal for scenarios where a team of users is completing jobs/tasks out in the field and unique company-wide purchase orders, invoices, tracking numbers, etc. are required.

Basically, a global format counter that increments per-form from multiple devices/users.

The following Basic and Advanced Properties of this field type coupled with examples should give you a better understanding of how it can be used.

Basic Properties

1. Number Format

Define the format of this automatic number sequence using template syntax.

Your format MUST include !NUM! which is the sequence placeholder.

Insert syntax in the text box or click the hammer icon to insert fields and functions using our Formula Builder.

ExampleSyntax (Formula Builder )Generated
Auto-num + Suffix!NUM!-ORD
Prefix + Field data-name + Auto-numPO-{{category}}-!NUM!
Contextual + Auto-num{(USERLASTNAME())}-!NUM!

A comprehensive list of syntax possibilities can be found here: Formula Cheat Sheet


As numbers are generated immediately (assuming the user is online), only Choices fields are permitted to be referenced in your Number Format. This is to prevent unnecessarily incrementing your sequence (e.g. fetching a new number for each character a user types into a referenced Text field)

2. Generate on Upload

By default Auto-Numbers are generated while the user is capturing a Form entry, however, this requires the device to have an internet connection at the time of capture.

This option changes Auto-Number behaviour to generate only when the Form entry is uploaded to the platform, thus enabling this Form to be used in offline scenarios.

NOTE: Using this option means that the Auto-Number value will not be available to the user on their device; the value will only be populated on our web portal as well as in PDF and other connector outputs.

3. Sequence Padding

The minimum length of the sequential portion for this automatic number ranging from 0-10.

Zeroes are added onto the left-hand side if the sequence is less than the padding value.

For example, if padding is set to 4, then a sequence value of '3' results in !NUM! being output as 0003. 

Advanced Properties

1. Sequence Uniqueness

Determines the uniqueness conditions for the numeric sequence of this auto-number.

  • Unique per Entry
    Every new entry of this Form will increment the sequence.
  • Unique per Format Result
    Each distinct result of the formula is treated as a new sequence start.
    Format uniqueness is organization-wide, so the same sequence can drive auto-numbers in multiple Forms if these share the same formatting formula.


Assume a number format of {{mychoice}}-!NUM! where mychoice is a Choices field with options of 'STOCK' and 'TIME'.

Number generation per option selected would look like:

Choice SelectionUnique per EntryUnique per Format Result
1st - STOCKSTOCK-0001
2nd - TIMETIME-0002
3rd - TIMETIME-0003
4th - STOCKSTOCK-0004STOCK-0002

2. Sequence Start

The first number to use for this sequence, defaults to 1.

If you wish to continue an existing sequence from another system, specify the desired starting value for this automatic number.

NoteOnce a sequence has begun, setting a Sequence Start will have no effect. A starting value needs to be implemented prior to the initial testing of a field for the desired starting value to take effect.

3. Generate Message

The text displayed to the user when attempting to retrieve a new automatic number value.

4. Display Value

The default value/text displayed to the user prior to auto-number generation.

Useful in "Generate On Upload" scenarios to display the number format that will be used, i.e XXXX-ORD, or simply text informing the user when the unique number will be generated, i.e "Generated on upload".


Below are some commonly asked questions.

Q: Is it possible to have multiple Auto-num fields in one form?

Yes, the sequence placeholder !NUM! is specific to an Auto-num field.

What this means is that each field will sequentially increment respectively according to its format.

Q: How to restart a Unique per Entry sequence?

Simply change the data-name property of the Auto-num field in question.

The sequence of this field will now start from 1 or a specified Sequence Start value.

Q: How to restart a Unique per Format Result sequence

Change the format in the following ways.

Either by the order of text/value used with !NUM! or the value of a Choices field.


  • !NUM!-ORD > ORD-!NUM!
  • !NUM!-{{mychoice}} > {{mychoice}}-!NUM!
  • !NUM!-{{mychoice}} > !NUM!-{{mychoice}} 
                  "STOCK"                      "STOCK1"


Note, changing symbols between !NUM! and the text/value won't reset the sequence.



!NUM!-{{mychoice}} > !NUM!({{mychoice}})

Q: After testing a form will an Auto-Num sequence reset after publishing and selecting the option "Delete Entries and Proceed"?

No, if this is required please follow the above-mentioned solutions on restarting a sequence prior to publishing.