This is an advanced field type that allows a user to upload multiple images into a form from a device's gallery and to capture images using the device's camera, displaying all images as thumbnails within the form.


Additionally, other field types can be added into the Gallery field, allowing for image captions, comments, or any additional information required.

The following properties further explain unique Gallery field type functionality. 

Basic Properties

If selected, the app will prompt the user to input a default caption for all images selected at a time. 

Note: A maximum of 6 images can be added at a time.

Be sure to specify the data name of the target Gallery field, which will receive this default caption text.

Form Designer - Default Caption Set Up

  1. Add a Gallery Field.
  2. Add a Text field into the Gallery field and assign a data name.
  3. Add the data name of the Text field into the Gallery Field's "Prompt User for Default Caption" property.
  4. Optional - Add other field types to capture additional data (comments, location, etc.).

In-App Prompts/Display

Within the app, the Gallery field will display a Choose/Capture option. When selecting either option, you'll be able to select multiple images or capture a single image and then enter in a caption that'll display below all images from that instance.

Edit your images and captions by simply selecting the image thumbnail. You can also edit the image's additional fields as well as annotate the image.

Validation and Behaviour

Set the minimum and/or the maximum number of images that a gallery can contain for scenarios where displayed/uploaded images need to be controlled.